Child Protection
Millions of children worldwide are subjected to violence, exploitation and abuse including the worst forms of child labor in communities, schools and institutions; during armed conflict; and to harmful practices such as female genital mutilation/cutting and child marriage. Millions more, not yet victims, also remain without adequate protection. Protecting children from violence, exploitation and abuse is an integral component of protecting their rights to survival, growth and development.

Women Empowerment
Of the 1.3 billion people who live in absolute poverty around the globe, 70 percent are women. For these women, poverty doesnít just mean scarcity and want. It means rights denied, opportunities curtailed and voices silenced. women work for money, they may be limited to a set of jobs deemed suitable for women - invariably low-pay, low-status positions. Thatís why we are transitioning from working with women as victims of poverty to empowering poor women to challenge and change the contexts in which they live.

Domestic violence act
Domestic Violence under the act includes actual abuse or the threat of abuse whether physical, sexual, verbal, emotional or economic. Harassment by way of unlawful dowry demands to the woman or her relatives would also be covered under this definition.
The Act is a criminal justice Act concentrating upon legal protection and assistance to victims of crime, particularly domestic violence. It also expands the provision for trials without a jury, brings in new rules for trials for causing the death of a child or vulnerable adult.

Child Education
One of the main areas of a child's life that affects how well he/she will grow into a successful, competent adult is that of education. And the major issue that affects a child's education is directly related to the quality and competence.

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